The 14 Series consists of five models representing the very essence of Rotel’s Balanced Design Concept. Each model has been carefully designed and acoustically tuned in the UK with critically selected components. The performance of the 14 Series hits well above its price, providing exceptional value to audio enthusiasts and music lovers of all needs. The detailed design elements appearing in this series is the culmination of 55 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.

Our 15 Series range represents the culmination of five decades of commitment to the art and science of electronics design. We’ve wrapped cutting edge technologies in stunning brushed metal cabinets; available in either silver or black finishes complementing any setting. We’ve provided elegantly simple user interfaces and custom installation control features because we understand that technology should serve you and not the other way around. We believe these components inspire pride of ownership only associated with the absolute finest products.

Rotel gear is made to look great on its own. But if you're a home theatre enthusiast with a crowd of equipment looking for a way to save space, our rack mounting kits will keep you from delving into DIY.

Made to fit with the standard AV measurement of U heights, they're widely compatible and will have your AV cabinet looking clean.

Our range of accessories is often updated with more handy additions for your Rotel products, so if there's something you're after, keep an eye out and don't hesitate to ask us about it.

Thought you'd heard all you could from your CDs? Think again. Our CD players prove that the sound that can be elicited just gets better and better. Through our 12 series and 15 series CD players, built in line with our Balanced Design Concept, digital audio playback is crystal clear for reference quality from your system.

While home audio and the way you listen to music changes, we make sure our products change along with it to give you the best outcome. Built with the all-important Wolfson DAC, our CD players continue to modernise CD playback for the best performance.

However you feel about digital audio, the truth of the matter is, it's the future of how you enjoy music. While we're prepared for the convenience necessary for today's listeners, we made sure to retain the superior quality and thrilling performance that our products have always been known for.

Enter the Rotel digital-analogue converter. After lengthy R&D periods, our DACs met the terms of our Balanced Design Principle, with premium parts including the Wolfson WM8740 DAC chip, superior convenience and capabilities, and the crisp, dynamic digital performance that people expect from a name like Rotel.

Some homes just need more. Whether it's more quality, more options or just more, setting up multiple audiovisual systems around your house can fill your needs.

For those wanting more out of their hi-fi and AV, our distribution amps maintain detailed and refined sonic performances across multiple zones. Easily set up a system in your living room and another in the bedroom. Thanks to our Balanced Design Concept, high power ratings and superior build components, no sonic quality is sacrificed with our distribution amplifiers.

These days, there's more to a hi-fi system than meets the eye. You don't need a stack of components to get the best out of your music. For a hi-fi system that reaps all the rewards of pre/power amp combos without the footprint or power consumption, our integrated amplifiers are the solution.

Our 12 series and 15 series integrated amplifiers accommodate both analogue and digital sources. All have in-built phono stages for easy use with a turntable, as well as a varying range of digital inputs.

With dazzling dynamics and sterling clarity, our integrated amplifiers follow the principles of our Balanced Design Concept and are loved by audiophiles and professionals alike.

There is music, and then there's music. If you want to hear the subtlest details as well as be moved by the powerful dynamic passages in your music, the right power amp is needed at the centre of your system.

To drive your speakers optimally and listen to your music as it was supposed to be heard, you need more than the right amount of power - you need the best build quality.

Built from carefully selected components, our power amps go through rigorous performance and durability testing in accordance with our Balanced Design Concept to ensure that what you hear is nothing short of the best.

If the power amplifier is the heart of the system, the pre-amplifier is the brains. Separate components are vital if you seek true high fidelity, and the right pre-amplifier can make all the difference.

In line with the facets of our Balanced Design Concept, our pre-amps are products of detailed in-house engineering, high quality components and symmetrical circuitry to provide you with the best sound quality and greatest control.

Matching our pre-amplifiers with one of our power amps is the trick to getting your hi-fi system to exhibit the crucial final details and deliver a thrilling performance.

Radio is changing at a rapid pace. The emergence of DAB+ digital radio brought a major renewal to the way we listen day-to-day to new music. Stations are constantly being released with a level of sound quality unattainable by AM radios.

We've kept up with the pace and then some with our radio tuners. With new DAB+ compatibility, crystal clear audio is easy to tune in to. Our flagship RT-12 also functions as a media player, with Internet radio and file streaming capabilities.

It's radio the way it used to be... Plus a whole lot more.

Home theatres can be put together, or they can be put together well. For the audiovisual enthusiast, the difference between an average surround processor and the right surround processor can be enormous.

That's why we looked back on our 50 years of experience when researching and developing our processors to produce the best possible outcome. Paired with HDMI 1.4, 3D and more, they have all the capabilities necessary for modern audio and video to reach its full potential. Following our Balanced Design Concept, they are built with premium components to provide refined details alongside powerful dynamics.

The home theatre is under constant redevelopment as more possibilities emerge for how to use them. We've adapted and upgraded our surround receivers to meet - and exceed - the expectations of audiovisual enthusiasts.

As the all-in-one heart and mind of your home theatre, a surround receiver has to cover a lot of bases. We've accommodated old and new technology, including HDMI 1.4 and 3D, with a wealth of HDMI inputs and outputs so you can do everything you want to.

This is all accomplished with a minimal reduction in sound quality - you can still expect that same Rotel dynamic swing, matching power with finesse, to drive your speakers as best as possible.